EUREQA project outcomes discussed at event in Brussels

The final event of the EUREQA project (“Empowering universities to fulfil their responsibility for quality assurance”) took place on Thursday 3 September 2015 at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, in Brussels, Belgium. This event marked the end of three years of capacity building activities for partner universities in the Western Balkans. During this time EUA and EU project partners have supported universities in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo in developing their internal quality assurance (QA) systems.

During the event, attended by around 80 participants from the Western Balkans and the rest of Europe, project partners presented their experiences from the project and discussed the lessons learnt. Topics included the enhancement of quality culture, developing an action plan for internal QA, and linking QA to strategic management. Participants also heard from about the transferability of European practice to Jordan, through a presentation from the EQuAM project (“Enhancing quality assurance management in Jordanian Universities”).

This final project event also saw the launch of the project publication, EUREQA Moments! Top tips for internal quality assurancewhich takes the form of a practical and concise guide to the core features of internal quality assurance systems, supported by case examples from project partners.

It focuses in particular on issues that foster the development of institutional quality cultures. These include balancing formal and informal approaches, ensuring implementation and communication of follow-up actions, and adapting measures so they are appropriate for the context.

The publication is available here in English, Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

At the same event, a new EUA occasional paper discussing trends in institutional QA in Europe was launched. Further information can be found here.