HE stakeholders in Western Balkans gather for EUREQA events

University representatives and other higher education stakeholders from Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered together at national level events to discuss European approaches to quality assurance and other higher education issues relevant to their national contexts.

In Kosovo the event was hosted by the University of Prizren on 20 May and covered topics related to the revised Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG), which had been approved by the Bologna Ministers in Yerevan just a few days earlier. Participants focussed on curriculum development and discussed in particular the use of learning outcomes and fostering employability through programme design.

Two weeks later, on 4 June, the University of Sarajevo hosted an event for stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The wide-ranging programme also covered the revised ESG, focussing on the new elements and the impact they will have on the national quality assurance system. Participants then discussed the financial management and sustainability of universities, drawing on EUA’s work on this area, in particular the activities of the DEFINE and ATHENA projects. Finally, case studies were presented of research initiatives at the Universities of Sarajevo.

Presentations from both events are available on this website.

The EUREQA project is now coming to a conclusion after three years of activities and will finish with a final event on 3 September 2015 in Brussels and the launch of the project publication. Further details of the event and publication will be available shortly.