EUA to support HERE project

EUREQA project coordinator, EUA, has announced its involvement in the SPHERE Consortium (Support and Promotion for Higher Education Reform Experts). Through this, EUA will, together with the University of Barcelona, jointly be in charge of the HERE project for the next three years.

The project, which until recently has been managed by UNICA, provides information support, training, peer learning and networking opportunities to Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) and National Erasmus Plus Offices (NEOs) in 27 partner countries of the European Union (formerly: Tempus countries). Funded and managed by the European Commission (EACEA), the objective of the initiative is to improve the capacity of nationally selected HERE teams to actively contribute to higher education reform in their countries.

In the current phase up to December 2017, each year, a conference, two international seminars and two study visits for HERE experts will be offered. In addition, a total of 150 technical assistance missions are set to provide expertise and training in priority areas identified by the individual countries. These activities will tackle a range of topics relevant to the reform of higher education systems and institutions, including degree programmes, doctoral education, mobility and internationalisation, governance and funding, teaching and learning, innovation and quality assurance.

The first HERE activities of 2015 will be study visits to Berlin and to Brussels/Ghent, focusing on managing mobility and internationalisation, with a specific emphasis on credit mobility. A portal has been created to support the project and foster further information exchange.

Through this project EUA looks forward to more intensive exchange and collaboration with its members in the Eastern part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), some of whom are involved in the EUREQA project, and with partners in the Southern Mediterranean countries.