Documents finalised for approval by Bologna Ministers

The Yerevan Ministerial Conference in May this year will conclude another round of the Bologna Process. Since the last conference in Bucharest (2012) the Bologna Follow-up Group have been working to continue the enhancement of the European Higher Education Area and have produced a number of documents to be adopted by the Bologna Ministers in Yerevan, many of which have a relevance for quality assurance and will be of interest to EUREQA partners.

The revised Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG)

A European approach for simplified quality assurance of joint programmes

Report of the Pathfinder Group on automatic recognition

ECTS Users’ Guide

Report of the Structural Reforms Working Group

After the Bologna Ministers’ conference, the EUREQA project will hold three national level events in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo during which the revised version of the ESG will be presented. The events will be open to all higher education stakeholders in each country and further details will be available on this website soon.