Tempus Higher Education Reform Experts Seminar on Quality Assurance

EUREQA project coordinator, EUA, was represented by Tia Loukkola at the experts’ seminar on ‘Implementing Quality Assurance within Higher Education Institutions in the Tempus Partner Countries’ on 12-13 June 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The seminar gathered together higher education experts from all countries covered by the Tempus programme, quality assurance experts from around Europe and representatives from the European Commission and the Executive Agency. Over the course of two days, a series of presentations focused on the current trends and challenges in quality assurance in the EU and in each of the Tempus regions, including the Western Balkans. This gave seminar participants the opportunity to reflect on the significant diversity of QA systems in the countries covered by the programme.

Workshops and discussions then looked that the concrete implementation of quality assurance procedures at institutional level, specific topics including: defining the scope of QA in relation to institutional strategies; mobilising internal and external stakeholders; ensuring impact on operation and delivery; and the transnational dimension of QA.

The seminar was also an opportunity for practitioners to learn from each other by sharing experiences in relation to Tempus activities and projects.